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Galeries Lafayette dome 1910-1912
Galeries Lafayette dome 1910-1912

Construction of the Galeries Lafayette dome, ca. 1910-1912, photographs. 

© Galeries Lafayette Group.

1912-2012: Chronicles of a Creative Itinerary

​On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the construction of its Dome, Galeries Lafayette have decided to celebrate this monument on Boulevard Haussmann by staging unusual events in tune with the life of the department store from 16 October 2012. Designed by architect Ferdinand Chanut and glass artist Jacques Gruber, the dome became a symbol of Art Nouveau architecture.

​To celebrate this hundred-year old construction, Galeries Lafayette have invited two of the leading artists of contemporary creation, the architect Rem Koolhaas – with OMA, his design studio – and visual artist Yann Kersalé.

Designed by OMA and its research unit AMO, ‘1912-2012: Chronicles of a Creative Itinerary’ conveys the experience led by Galeries Lafayette in the last hundred years: to combine culture and shopping.

By delving deep into the archives of Galeries Lafayette, AMO has pieced together the story of this famous store. Through the history of fashion and commerce, AMO’s account tells us much about the history of contemporary France. AMO has highlighted several chapters in the history of Galeries Lafayette, with their theatrical decor that serves as a setting for the creative ambitions of fashion, plastic arts and performing arts. The narration of the exhibition is based on the archives of the company, enriched by documents loaned from other institutions.

October 16, 2012–January 26, 2013 at Galerie des Galeries.

Link to the exhibition website.

I was in charge of copyright clearance for the exhibition book's images, and captions writing. The book was completed in time, but was never published due to a change in strategic management.

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