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Siste skrik fra Paris: Fransk mote på film
Siste skrik fra Paris: fransk mote på film

Siste skrik fra Paris: Fransk mote på film


French Fashion in Films


This film cycle shows how French fashion has been depicted on screen over time through eleven films. It encompasses fictional films from the early days of cinema to the present day,ranging from romantic comedy to thriller. All these works present different aspects of French fashion from production to distribution, promotion, and consumption. The films exemplify how film directors have integrated fashion to their narratives, drawing on it for dramatic effect, to build characters and atmospheres, and move plots along. They have, in short, plotted French fashion!

Film cycle curated for Cinemateket i Oslo.

August-September 2019.

Link to the film cycle (in Norwegian).

Link to article on the film cycle (in English).

See an article in Melk og Honning (in Norwegian).

See an article in Elle Norway (in Norwegian).

Stills from Scandale aux Champs-Élysées, directed by Roger Blanc, 1949; and La Piscine, directed by Jacques Deray, 1969. © Cinemateket i Oslo.

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