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Fashion Design and Photography between Art and Commerce

The National Museum of Norway has recently purchased a large number of fashion objects and images in view of its reopening in 2020. Previously, fashion photographers and designers became artists in retrospective. Now, they often work closely with the art world, and especially art museums. What does it mean for a fashion designer or photographer to be featured in temporary exhibitions and included in museum collections? How do art institutions deal with art that not only has a price tag but is also embedded in a larger branding strategy? What role do museums play in the international and Norwegian fashion landscapes today? This talk will discuss how the cultural and economic values of fashion intersect, shedding new light on the historical debate on art vs. commerce.


Moderator: Johanna Zanon


  • Stina Høgkvist, the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design

  • Richie Talboy, photographer

  • Harald Lunde Helgesen, designer

  • Espen Gleditsch, artist

August 30, 2019.

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