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Sigurdur Gudmundsson Moonshine 1999

Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Moonshine, 1999, diabase. © Sigurdur Gudmundsson / Clarion Hotel Oslo.

After After Munch

​In partnership with the Munch Museum, Clarion Hotel Oslo displays in its lobby an original artwork by Edvard Munch (1863-1944). In addition, the hotel's collection shows how established artists have reinterpreted Munch’s iconic works in their own unique ways. It includes works by Marina Abramović, Huma Bhabha, Sverre Bjertnæs, Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Steffen Kverneland, Per Maning, Vik Muniz, Kjell Nupen, and Andy Warhol.

This permanent exhibition, titled ‘After Munch,’ evidences the continuing relevance of Munch. It serves as a platform to discuss art practice and theory beyond the white cube and explore the possibilities of the hotel as an art space. Each month I devise a range of events in connection to the artworks from the permanent collection under the title 'After After Munch.'


  • October 2019

Highlight from the collection: Kjell Nupen.


October 14: Talk on 'Melancholy of the Skin,' by Bente Larsen, Professor in Art History at the University of Oslo. ​

October 20: Screening of Melancholia (2011), directed by Lars Von Trier.

  • November 2019

Highlight from the collection: Vik Muniz.

November 17: Screening of Waste Land (2011), directed by Lucy Walker

November 14: Talk on 'Seabling: Discursive Jewellery and Anthropogenic Marine Debris,' by Synne Skjulstad from Høyskolen Kristiania.

November 14-17: Seabling pop-up shop.

  • December 2019

Highlight from the collection: Edvard Munch.

December 8: Screening of Art and Craft (2014), directed by Sam Cullman and Jennifer Graussman. 

December 12: 'Munch 156,' with a talk by Sivert Thue ('Was This Made by Munch?') and myself ('This was made after Munch'). 

Monthly programme of events curated for Clarion Hotel Oslo.


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