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'Special Issue: Fashion Labour,' 2021 © International Journal of Fashion Studies.

Special issue on 'Fashion Labour', International Journal of Fashion Studies 8:2 (2021)

Editorial: 'Rethinking fashion labour,' Johanna Zanon, pp. 159-174, DOI: 10.1386/infs_00048_2

Article: 'Class and creativity in fashion education: A comparison of the pedagogies of making and design at British technical schools and art and design schools, 1870s–1950s,' Bethan Bide, pp. 175-194, DOI: 10.1386/infs_00049_1

Article: 'Collaboration, competition and conflict: The collective labour of fashion photography at US Vogue (1940–42),' Marlène Van de Casteele, pp. 195-211, DOI: 10.1386/infs_00050_1

Article: 'Labouring up and down Prisunic’s styling streams: The creative studio of a retail chain in 1960s France,' Sophie Chapdelaine de Montvalon, pp. 213-236, DOI: 10.1386/infs_00051_1

Article: ‘My favourite meme page’: Balenciaga’s Instagram account and audience fashion labour online,' Synne Skjulstad, pp. 237-256, DOI: 10.1386/infs_00052_1

Article: '"No, YOU make it!": Outsourcing production to fashion consumers to mediate labour,' Ida Falck ØienJohanna Zanon, pp. 257-279, DOI: 10.1386/infs_00053_1

Article: 'Age, experience and creative labour: Narratives of creative professionals over age 55 in the New York fashion industry,' Anne McInnisKatalin Medvedev, pp. 281-298, DOI: 10.1386/infs_00054_1

Open section: 'The oral history programme at the Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York (1977–present),' Karen J. Trivette, pp. 301-308, DOI: 10.1386/infs_00055_7

Open section: 'The labour of fashion heritage in Singapore,' Weiqi Yap, pp. 309-317, DOI: 10.1386/infs_00056_7

Open section: 'The labour of "ready-to-measure": An interview with Jeanne Vicerial,' Johanna Zanon, pp. 319-326, DOI: 10.1386/infs_00057_7

Book review: 'Le travail n’est pas une marchandise: Contenu et sens du travail au XXIe siècle, Alain Supiot (2019),' Sophie Kurkdjian, pp. 329-331, DOI: 10.1386/infs_00058_5

Special issue edited by Johanna Zanon, in International Journal of Fashion Studies 8:2 (2021).

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