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"The Archipelagic Exhibition," 2021 © Johanna Zanon / NK / SKMU.

The Archipelagic Exhibition

The goal of this short talk is to connect theory and praxis, and in particular, Édouard Glissant’s concept of "archipelagic thinking" to the Annual Craft Exhibition 2021


Poet and thinker Édouard Glissant takes his native Caribbean archipelago as a geocultural starting point to develop his "archipelagic thinking" (la pensée archipélique in French). "Archipelagic thinking" was theorized by Glissant to resist continental thinking, irremediably emmeshed in imperialism and colonialism.

In this talk, Johanna Zanon proposes to take Kristiansand’s archipelago as a geocultural departure point, in the same way that Glissant takes the Caribbean archipelago as his starting place, to map out the Annual Craft Exhibition 2021 as an archipelagic exhibition.

Talk given during the "Symposium - The Annual Craft Exhibition 2021" at Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, also organised by Johanna Zanon on behalf of Norske Kunsthåndverkere.

See the programme of the symposium here.

Link to the live-stream record of the event.

See also the public programme of the exhibition.

See also the virtual tour of the exhibition.

November 26, 2021.

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