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"Tales of Fashion Consumption," in The Whole Sell, 2021 © Johanna Zanon.

Tales of Fashion Consumption

"Tales of Fashion Consumption" was published in the artist publication The Whole Sell, edited by Nina Sarnelle. It resulted from the Live or Buy residency at Praksis Oslo (2020).

"Welcome to the fashion house of Jean Patou! Shopping experiences from the collections from Fall-Winter 1920 to Spring-Summer 1922 are now available in pdf. Consume vicariously from the comfort of your own home, through the eyes and funds of professional buyers and private customers. The names are real, the stories fictional. Consume as many as you can, consume without guilt, consume historical! This is fashion – free from cruelty, waste and unethical labor."


Table of content:

-"Jean Patou, First Ledger. Professional Buyers, 1920-1922", by Johanna Zanon

-"Jean Patou, Second Ledger. Private Customers, 1920-1922", by Johanna Zanon and Emmanuelle Polle

-"Postscript: Ledgers, Historical Fiction & Vicarious Consumption", by Johanna Zanon


Link to the artist publication The Whole Sell.

Link to "Tales of Fashion Consumption."

Download the PDF on Academia.

Read about the publication on Praksis' website.

March 20, 2021.

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