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Fashion or Costume

Banner of the event, 2020 © Verdensteatret-Cinemateket i Tromsø.

Fashion or Costume: What Is the Difference?

This conversation takes as a departure point the costumes of the four films screened as part of the film series Fransk mote på film (French Fashion in Films), curated by Johanna Zanon. In this conversation, Tromsø-based costume and fashion designers talked about their practice, and how fashion and costume both intersect and diverge.

The speakers were Rune Nilssen and Kate Maxwell, with a guest appearance by Nina Erdahl. Rune Nilssen has worked with multiple aspects of the fashion industry since he completed his BA in Fashion Promotion & Illustration at The University for the Creative Arts (Epsom, England) in 2004. Kate Maxwell is Professor of music history at UiT-The Arctic University of Norway. She works primarily on music in multimodal contexts, both medieval and modern. Costume designer Nina Erdahl  has created her agency Nina Erdahl Casting & Costumes in Tromsø in 2005. The conversation was moderated by Johanna Zanon.

The conversation was part of the film series Fransk mote på film, curated by Johanna Zanon for Verdensteatret-Cinemateket i Tromsø, which was supported by Culture[s] de Mode and Institut Français de Norvège.

November 29, 2020.

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