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Fransk mote på film

Banner of the film series, 2020 © Verdensteatret-Cinemateket i Tromsø.

Fransk mote på film / French Fashion in Films


This film cycle showed how the French fashion industry has been depicted on screen over time through four films: Fashions of 1934, Funny Face (1957), Prêt-à-Porter (1994), and Brodeuses (2004).

On Friday the 27th of November
 20.00 Funny Face, with an introduction by Johanna Zanon


On Saturday the 28th of November
 16.00 Fashions of 1934 [35mm].
 18.00 Brodeuses [35mm].
 20.00 Conversation: Fashion and Geography.


On Sunday the 29th of November
 17.00 Conversation: Fashion or Costume.
 18.00 Prêt-à-Porter [35mm].

The film series was curated by Johanna Zanon for Verdensteatret-Cinemateket i Tromsø, and supported by Culture[s] de Mode and Institut Français de Norvège. It was originally shown at Cinemateket i Oslo in August-September 2019.

November 27-29, 2020.

See the press article in iTromsø.

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