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Critical Fashion Map, 2021 © Johanna Zanon.

Webinar: Critical Fashion 

Is critical fashion a theory, a methodology, a practice or all of the above? Invited speakers will discuss the concept of critical fashion, inviting the audience to participate. This webinar is the first event of the preparatory project Critical Fashion Walk.

-Johanna Zanon, "Introduction to Critical Fashion Walk".
-Tone Rasch, "Has Oslo Been a Fashion City?"
-Synne Skjulstad, "Researching Norwegian Fashion Designers' Mediational practices on Instagram"
-Tereza Kuldova, "Critical Insights from Ethnographic Research on the Indian Luxury Fashion Industry"
-Ragnhild Brochmann, in conversation with Johanna Zanon on critical fashion in fashion media.


Critical Fashion Walk aims to create walks that explore the fashion history of Oslo through art and research. As an experimental and interdisciplinary platform, Critical Fashion Walk hopes to foster a series of material, visual, sonic, and textual interventions that entangle digital and sensory experiences of fashion in the public space.

Critical Fashion Walk is curated by Johanna Zanon, supported by Teknisk Museum, Culture[s] de Mode, and funded by KORO and the Institut Français de Norvège

See also the webinar "Critical Walk."

See also the pilot walk of Critical Fashion Walk.

February 17, 2021.

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