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Pilot walk, 2021 © Johanna Zanon / Aliona Pazdniakova.

Critical Fashion Walk: Pilot Walk

The preliminary project Critical Fashion Walk was a laboratory to outline and test a first walk. A range of people involved in the project participated in this pilot walk.

The first stop, in the historical heart of textile and fashion production in Oslo, at Blå in Grünerløkka, explored fashion production through a sonic intervention. Continuing the walk along Akerselva, the next stop was located at Indigo, the producer of printed fabric (1891-1933), where a textile intervention unveiled the different types of fashion consumers (HAiKw/). The walk then went on to Thorvald Meyers gate 72-74, where the shirt factory Herkules opened in 1911. There a textual and visual intervention presented the history of Herkules and its workers (Tone Rasch; Johanna Zanon). The following stretch of the walk investigated the producer-consumer relationship that emerges from the sales transaction through an artistic research intervention (Ida Falck Øien). The walk then stoped at the fabric store Rainbow Fashion in Grønland where we read Marthe Ramm Fortun’s “Modellen” story. The walk ended at the Cavour fashion shop in Bjørvika on a textual intervention on the concept of “aesthetic labour” (Klaus Nathaus).

Critical Fashion Walk aims to create walks that explore the fashion history of Oslo through art and research. As an experimental and interdisciplinary platform, Critical Fashion Walk hopes to foster a series of material, visual, sonic, and textual interventions that entangle digital and sensory experiences of fashion in the public space.

Critical Fashion Walk is curated by Johanna Zanon, supported by Teknisk Museum, Culture[s] de Mode, and funded by KORO and the Institut Français de Norvège

See also the webinar "Critical Walk."

See also the webinar "Critical Fashion."

May 12, 2021.

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