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"Arctic Art + Feminism x Norske Kunsthåndverkere," 2021 © Norske Kunsthåndverkere.

Arctic Art + Feminism x Norske Kunsthåndverkere

Arctic Art + Feminism was a collaboration between Norske Kunsthåndverkere and Wikimedia Norge. We invited participants in this Wikipedia Edit-a-thon to write and improve articles about crafts and other material-based artists and duojárat.

The event took place online on Monday the 21st of June. Mali Brødreskift, project manager at Wikimedia Norway, provided guidance for beginners on Wikipedia in Norwegian, while Johanna Zanon, programme curator at Norske Kunsthåndverkere, did the same in English. 


The joint effort during and after the event resulted in 23 new articles and 41 improved articles. Most of them were dedicated to the winners of Kunsthåndverkprisen from Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond.

See Norske Kunsthåndverkere's summary of the event.

See the event page on Art + Feminism.

See also Art+Feminism 2020.

June 21, 2021.

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